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Mudflat wandering experience tour

A remarkable one-of-a-kind tour during which participants discover the Wad in a spectacular way.  Step on board the Brakzand for a unique trip on the Wad.

During your tour you will enjoy spotting seals resting on the sand bank and throwing out the trawl in order to expose the underwater life, whilst we sail the ever-impressive waters of the Wad. 

The trip takes us to 'De Hessing', a sand bank where everyone will disembark for a special mudflat hike back to Ameland across the exposed mudflats of the Wad to get a challenging and exhilirating experience of the Wad up close. On the dike near Hollum bicycles will be ready for you so you can make your way back to the harbour of Nes on your own accord.

The entire tour takes 3 1/2 hours which includes 2 hours on the boat and 1 1/2 hours mudflat hiking.
Starting point is in the harbour of Nes. 

Wellies or old (closed) shoes are mandatory during this excursion as a result of the extremely sharp shells on the Wad.

You can visit the VVV Tourist Information Office in Hollum or Nes for a free program of all the activities and for buying tickets.

It is not possible to book these tickets with us by phone or online.

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Mudflat wandering experience tour

Bureweg 2
9163 KE, Nes

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