Bos-, strand- en vuurtorenexcursie Ameland

Forest-, beach- and lighthouse excursion

The 'Forest, beach and lighthouse excursion' is a tour organised by Nature Centre Nes. Together with a guide you will take a trip through the forest. Dusk has arrived by the time the tour starts, which makes the trip through forest and on the beach extra special. At the end of the tour participants will climb the lighthouse with the guide. Once at the top, you will experience your nightly surroundings, whilst the lighthouse touches the island with its beams.

You can take a look in the online activity calendar to see if the activity takes place during your stay on the island. 

You can also visit the VVV Tourist Information Office in Hollum or Nes for a free program of all the activities and for buying tickets.

It is not possible to book tickets by phone or online at the VVV Tourist Information Centre.

On the map

Forest-, beach- and lighthouse excursion

Bureweg 2
9163 KE, Nes

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