A one-of-a-kind bicycle tour, with guide

With much care and attention we organise bicycle tours on beautiful Ameland, escorted by a competent guide from the island.

Together with the guide you will get an impression of real island life in a relatively short time. You will travel along the beautiful highlights of the island, but also to unique spots. The relaxed setting will completely put you at peace, so you will quickly feel right at home here.

With this tour, the guide will happily lead you to all the many places of interest that Ameland has to offer. The guide will relate in detail about the island's nature, culture, and history. We will pass e.g. the dunes, the lighthouse, the beach, the forest, the wad, and the authentic village Hollum, in order to experience true islander life.

Together with your family, colleagues, classmates, or friends, this entertaining tour will quickly make you feel at home on the island. It thoroughly enhances your vacation fun and "feel of the island".

The tour is Dutch and German spoken.

Photo: Jantina Scheltema

You can have a look in the online activity calendar to see if the activity takes place during your stay on the island. You can also visit the VVV Tourist Information Office in Hollum or Nes for a free program of all the activities and for buying tickets.

It is not possible to book tickets by phone or online by the VVV Tourist Information Centre.



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