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Rabobank Drachten Noordoost Friesland

Manage your banking whenever and wherever it suits you, and in a way that you like best.

For consultation regarding daily bank affairs, mortgages, insurance, capital or for business consulting, please connect with us using telephone, videocalls, chats, internet, and the Rabo App.

You are also welcome to visit our office in Dokkum (Dijk 10) or in Drachten (Lavendelheide 15). Please review our website for more information and actual opening hours.

Deposits and withdrawals
To withdraw cash, please use one of Geldmaat ATMs. The number grows quickly, there is always one in the neighbourhood.

For information on locations, opening hours, and how to operate the ATMs, please visit the Geldmaat website.

Experience trouble withdrawing or depositing cash? Please use the service 'geldmaat plus-assistentie' (Geldmaat extra assistance) in a select number of shops of Primera, Bruna and The Readshop. You will recognise these shops from the sticker 'Geldmaat plus assistentie' on their door or store window. You can also find them online on the website. 

Rabobank Drachten Noordoost Friesland

private individuals: 003188-7226600
companies: 003188-7226666

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