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Library Nes

Corona measures

Due to the corona measures, VVV Nes and the library in Nes will be closed until February 9, 2021. 

Reading on Ameland
Ameland has 2 atmospheric libraries with a beautiful collection of books, magazines, a dutch newspaper and dvd's. Ideal for you as tourist, because you don't have to bring piles of books from home. You borrow them from the library. The library is also a nice place to read a newspaper. So, come and have a look in the library of Nes or Hollum.

How does it work?

  • reading in the library is free
  • If you want to borrow, you need a pass
  • A pass costs € 5,-
  • For every book, magazine or audio book you pay € 1,50
  • For every dvd you pay € 3,-
  • Children up to 18 years old can borrow for free

Buy a library pass?

  • You can buy the pass during opening hours
  • You can use the pass right away
  • We will ask for your ID
  • Frisian members of the library can use their own pass with us

Do you want more information or have a look in our catalogue? Click here.


On the map

Library Nes

Bureweg 2
9163 KE, Nes
+31 (0)88-1656123

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