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Diner de Driesprong - Tourist Information Centre “VVV” Ameland

Diner de Driesprong

In the middle of Buren, right across of Ritskemoi you can find diner de Driesprong.

For a delicous lunch, have a nice drink, coffee with homemade cake or an extensive dinner; the ideal location.
On our lunch- and dinner menu you will find many meals prepared with Ameland products such as Ameland catfish, mustard from the Ameland mills and the real salty Ameland lamb.

You can also come to us with bigger groups. Annually, we organize many weddings, barbecues and parties. Feel free to come over for more information about this!

Dit restaurant doet mee met het Amelands Produkt.

Diner de Driesprong

Hoofdweg 15
9164 KL, Buren

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