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The Sunset Hollum

On the most western point of Ameland you can find Beachclub The Sunset. At the beautiful beach of Ameland. Literally on the point of the island with the North Sea on your left, right and right in front of you. You look out over the North Sea with Terschelling in the distance and if you look closely you can see a bit of Friesland. The name of The Sunset comes from a breath-taking sunset. The most beautiful of the Netherlands, according to many.

Beachclub The Sunset has various terraces. For an extensive meal you sit down to one of the tough wooden tables, to lounge you settle down in one of the big wooden lounge sofas with so many cushions you don't want to leave anymore. If it cools down you go and sit by one of the 10 outdoor fireplaces that give enough warmth to stay there, even in winter. Right next to The Sunset is the 'beach terrace'. Big hardwood lounge sofas with plain white cushions in the sand. When the barefoot staff comes and brings you a piece of fresh watermelon, you consider yourself in foreign country. The 'Leeuwarder Courant' (newspaper) defined it as "Ibiza at the North Sea"...

At beach pavilion The Sunset you can also rent beach chairs and windscreens and borrow special beach wheelchairs.

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The Sunset Hollum

Oranjeweg 61
9161 CB, Hollum
+31 519 554280

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