Beach pavilion 't Strandhuys, Buren - Tourist Information “VVV”Ameland

Beach pavilion 't Strandhuys, Buren

New at the beach at Buren: pavilion 't Strandhuys.  

The immense North Sea beach, for many this is the most important reason to come to Ameland. The dynamic surf, endless views and inspiring nature give you new energy again and again. 

Pavilion 't Strandhuys at Buren really adds something to your personal beach experience! Enjoy an ice cream, snack or even a complete meal (now also à la carte!) at this beautiful location. That is just lovely.

't Strandhuys is open all year and is also perfect for parties and other special meetings. 
We'd love to welcome you!

Dit restaurant doet mee met het Amelands Produkt.

Strandweg 100
9164 KA, Buren

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